Who We Are

The mission statement of Appleton UMC is a great place to start with that answer: “We believe that God The Creator, Jesus Christ His Son, our Savior and the Power of the Holy Spirit enables us to be the physical hands and feet of a loving God reaching a world in need.”

We believe that God is the creator of all things, exists from eternity to eternity but is present in our every moment, in our every breath. He has the godhead of the divine triune God. He made all things for His good purposes and for the pleasure of us, His children. He wants a right relationship with each of us and has placed eternity in our hearts in order that we might find our way back to Him.

Appleton United Methodist Church has been serving the spiritual needs in the community for more than 165 years. It is a small membership church in which many members have been part of the church and community for 50, 60 and 70 years or more. They have gone to church together, to school together, raised families together, shared joys with each other, grieved loss with each other and served the community together for many decades. Through this community of faith they have relied on each other and on the grace of God for faithful spiritual transformation through the types of life transitions that are part of the life of all persons.

Appleton United Methodist Church is a conservative fellowship that provides traditional, “Faith of our Mothers and Fathers” worship in an intimate setting. Worship is at 9:45 AM on every Sunday morning. If you are in need of a new church home or are looking for your first church family please join us this Sunday.

Download the History of Appleton United Methodist Church